The Dumile Feni Family Trust was founded in 2004 by Dumile’s daughter Marriam, with Dumile Feni’s family intended as the sole beneficiaries.

  • The primary purpose of the Trust is to preserve and promote the life and works of Dumile Feni, with the principle aim of the Trust is being to ensure that Dumile Feni’s contribution as one of Africa’s greatest artists and cultural and human rights activists is celebrated and critically appraised.
  • Accordingly, the vision and mission of the Dumile Feni Family Trust is:
  • Preservation and / or restoration of the Dumile Feni works.
  • Promoting the Dumile Feni works by way of exhibitions and publications.
  • Preparing an inventory of all Dumile Feni works.
  • Preservation and promotion of the legacy of Dumile Feni as well as developing a cultural and aesthetic awareness based on his life and his works.
  • Collecting and publishing Dumile Feni biographical information and critical material by or about Dumile Feni.
  • Providing provenance in respect of Dumile Feni works.
  • Custodian of and provider of authorizations to, the copyright vesting in all Dumile Feni works.
  • Reproduction of the works for commercial purposes and the understanding of relevant related activities.
  • Trading Dumile Feni works in the Dumile Feni Family Trust collection.
  • Engaging with academia and academic institutions with respect to Dumile Feni and his works.